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CamBuddy Pro

Innovative photography at your fingertips


Joopic CamBuddy Pro is one of the smartest cloud access device for digital cameras, and also able to act as a DSLR remote control and triggering instrument. It is equipped with smart triggers (laser, light, radio, sound), high-speed WiFi, live-view, and cloud storage access and many more! CamBuddy Pro has 3 major work modes such as standalone, networking and cloud mode. With our Joopic App you will be able to:

  • The photos taken from digital cameras (all DSLR and mirrorless camera models from the 2009 or later) can be read and upload directly to the cloud without transitional operations. The Joopic shared album can also facilitate remote team collaboration.
  • Cloud mode supports the “Shoot & Upload” feature for mainstream/popular Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.
  • Browser and import all photos in your digital camera to your smartphone or desktop computer by using Joopic App, without mounting/unmounting the SD card.
  • Get WiFi-based remote control for your DSLR camera from up to 100 feet away. Fully control popular DSLR cameras from smartphone: live view, parameters adjustment, taking photos and videos.
  • Create time-lapse photography with the built-in intervalometer.
  • Have a matchbox-sized product packed with light sensor, sound sensor, laser detector, and radio transceiver that make your innovative high-speed photography easier than ever.
  • Control up to 128 cameras to capture stunning "Matrix bullet time" footage.

How CamBuddy Pro improves your photography experience?

Wi-Fi tethered
(long range remote control)

(time-lapse photography)

Sound trigger
(high-speed photography)

Lightning trigger
(high-speed photography)

Laser trigger
(high-speed photography)


Radio receiver
(remote shoot & high-speed photography)

Radio transmitter
(synchronizing multi-camera)



Remote shooting


Multi-camera support
(Simultaneous Mode)

Multi-camera support
(master-slave mode)

Cloud Mode

iOS support

Android support

Mac support

PC support

Cloud Mode

"Cloud Mode" enables you to upload the photo taken by your DLSR camera directly to the cloud space and synchronize to your cloud album provided by Joopic App (including the desktop editions for mac OS and Windows). It also enables you to immediately update your photos to the shared cloud album. Your family and friends may instantly see the photos uploaded in real-time from miles away.

Long-range full control with live view

The long operating range (up to 100 feet) of Cambuddy Pro allows you to capture a close-up of the wildest creatures from a safe distance. You have a real-time view of the image and able to adjust the exposure time, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, shooting delay and other parameters at any time from your smartphone. It also has an auto-focus features by tapping the image on the live-view screen or fine tune with manual-focus.

High-speed photography

CamBuddy Pro is equipped with four sensors - sound, lightning, laser, and radio, as well as a built-in radio transmitter. Combined, it unlocks many creative photography modes including sound/light/laser/radio activated shutter or flash, or use sound/light/laser/Joopic app to activate the built-in radio transmitter to set other cameras to go off. You can capture high-speed motion scenes and fleeting moments, creating amazing pictures with ease.

Sound-triggered shooting

Set the trigger to go off at a desired sound level. Capture the clinking of glasses or activate the camera by hand clapping.

Lightning-triggered shooting

Set the trigger to go off when lightning strikes. You can also synchronize multiple CamBuddy Pros with a flash to shoot an object from different angles simultaneously.

Laser-triggered shooting

Laser-triggered shooting mode can help you in high-speed photography like capturing wildlife in action. Make sure the laser beam is aimed to the Cambuddy Pro laser sensor in a stable position and when something blocking or breaking the laser, the camera shutter/flash will be triggered. A CamBuddy specific laser generator is included in the laser bundle.

Ultimate selfie from 100 feet away


Photos taken are automatically pushed to your smartphone through the Shoot-and-Push function. You can also edit, manage, and share the pictures on social media.

One smartphone, 128 cameras

Connecting and controlling multiple cameras to shoot one object from different angles is a key and original innovation of CamBuddy Pro.

Simply, you can setup the cameras connected in synchronized mode, and every camera works under the same trigger function (e.g., sound trigger, lightning trigger or radio trigger). When there is a sound, lightning, or radio signal, all cameras will capture pictures at the same time from different angles. By using Joopic app, you only need to setup one CamBuddy Pro's work mode, others will follow up. Under synchronized mode, you can even setup every camera in the array has an equidifferent delay time.

CamBuddy Pro provides the ability to connect to up 128 cameras to capture stunning Matrix bullet-time footage, as demonstrated in the video.

When you are in a wedding ceremony, you may want to use two or more cameras to shoot bride and groom from different angels. For this situation, we can setup the cameras to work in master-slave mode. You can hold the master camera and capture the close range scene. Meanwhile, the slave cameras, which are fixed in other positions and controlled by CamBuddy Pros, can be triggered by a lightning from your external flash or a radio wave from a handheld radio transmitter.

This scenario can also be used to monitor your home or office. You can set the master CamBuddy Pro to work under laser trigger mode. When someone break the laser, the CamBuddy Pro can be triggered to send a radio wave, which then trigger other cameras to take a picture or start to record a video.

Control multiple cameras simultaneously through WiFi-connection

Control multiple cameras in master-slave mode through CamBuddy Pro build-in radio transceiver


Here are some cool photos from us and our beta testers. Special thanks to Chad and Julie for their creative work! We believe that we will see even better photos from you backers by using your CamBuddy Pro in the near future!


Widely Supported Cameras

The following DSLR cameras are fully supported:

Canon EOS:
1D Mark IV, 1D X, 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 5DS, 5DSR, 6D, 7D, 7D Mark II, 50D, 60D, 60Da, 70D, 80D, 100D (Rebel SL1), 550D (Rebel T2i / Kiss X4), 600D (Rebel T3i / Kiss X5), 650D (Rebel T4i / Kiss X6i), 700D (Rebel T5i / Kiss X7i), 750D (Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i), 760D (Rebel T6s), 1200D (Rebel T5), 1300D (Rebel T6)
DF, D4, D4S, D5, D500, D600, D610, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D810A, D90, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D7000, D7100, D7200

Is your camera supported?
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Dimen & Ports


CPU MIPS architecture
Flash ROM 16MB
Sensors Sound/lightning/laser sensors, radio transceiver
WiFi protocol 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi speed Maximum 300Mbps
WiFi repeater Available
Maximum remote range 100 feet (30 m)
Bluetooth BLE 4.0
Ports USB 2.0 high-speed port
2.5mm shutter release port
3.5mm PC flash port
Battery Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Continuous working time 4 hours
Material (Shell/Top cover) Plastic/Anodized aluminum
Color (Shell/Top cover) Black/(Gray or Black)
Size 3.2'' x 2'' x 1'' (81mm x 51mm x 25mm)
Weight 0.13lb (58g)

The diagrams below illustrate the ports and the cables used to connect a CamBuddy Pro with a camera or other devices.

  • A) You can use the micro USB cable included in the product package to charge CamBuddy Pro. Note that the cable is for charging only, not a USB data cable.
  • B) You can use the USB data cable shipped with your camera to connect CamBuddy Pro to your camera's USB port. If you want to use the live view feature, remote shooting or transfer your pictures from your camera, you can use this port.
  • C) You can use a shutter release cable to connect to your camera's shutter release port. When you use the intervalometer or the smart trigger functions, you can choose this port to release the camera's shutter.
  • D) You can use a standard 3.5mm PC flash cable to connect to an external flash. When you use the intervalometer or the smart trigger functions, you can choose the port to trigger the external flash.