Reseller - Joobot (USA)

CamBuddy Pro is a new powerful DSLR camera controller developed by Beijing Joobot Technology Co., Ltd. It is the world's first integrated, smart, comprehensive photography hardware. It integrates high-speed WiFi module for remote control, real-time viewfinder, high-speed photo transmission and other amazing functions. It is also equipped with multiple sensors (sound, light, laser, radio) which is suited for high-speed photography and other creative photography.

Since the CamBuddy Pro hit the market, it has received a warm welcome from professional as well as amateur photographers around the world. Also, a number of media channels has been recommending our products. In order to expand our reach to more customers, we are recruiting distributors/agents/dealers all around the world. If you are interested in selling our products, please click the button below to submit the application information. Our business team will contact you as soon as possible.